The Juicy Disaster

The Juicy Disaster

When I got back from India, I had no money, no job, no place to stay. . .

But for what it’s worth, I was a “certified yoga teacher”.

My mother and her boyfriend had just built this beautiful new home and I was reluctant to come and stay with them.

Eventually I moved in, just until I could get my business together. 

I was doing everything that I could to make money so I could move forward. 

I was teaching yoga at the YMCA, doing personal training, and working the fitness floor.

In addition, I moved furniture, taught private yoga classes, and even started doing juice cleanses.

I would get up at 4am and start making juices for my clients.

Just like the milk man, I delivered them at the doorstep and pick up the empty mason jars. 

Since I had nowhere to compost the pulp, I was making all sorts of broths and breads from the left overs.

But there was so much pulp that I had to throw out most of it or put it down the garbage disposal.

One day, my mother’s boyfriend was downstairs and felt a drop on his shoulder.

He looked up, and the ceiling was oozing orange and green juices.

”I done a bad thing”.

Green JuiceOrange Juice

For a quick buck, I ruined the ceiling at their new house.

The plumbing couldn’t handle my commercial juicery operation.

It was kind of awkward making juice after that . . . But it pushed me forward with what I was supposed to be doing . . . Thai Massage.

Thai Massage is another great way I can help people detox without ruining my mother’s ceiling. 

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