The Inversion Miracle

The Inversion Miracle

Few poses lend as many benefits as an Inversion does. Check out all that Inversions can do for you.

Realign the Spine

Realign the Spine

Realign the Spine

To improve our spines alignment it takes everyday practice.

If we have back pain, it means somethings not in proper alignment.

It could be the way we are sitting, standing, lifting, riding.

Overtime, our habits can take our spine out of alignment, and this is very painful.

We cannot fix what has been years in the making overnight, but,

There is still hope.

4 Ways to Bend the Spine

  1. Forward Fold
  2. Seated Side Bend
  3. Seated Twist
  4. Bridge Pose

Practice whichever one you need most or try all of them.

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Lower Back Pain Remedy

Lower Back Pain Remedy

Lower Back Pain

Have you ever had trouble getting out of bed? Feel like an old man trying to bend down to pick up something? Have to stand a certain way to avoid Back Pain?

I think many of us relate to this, be it chronic back pain, a lingering discomfort, or pain that comes and goes as it pleases.

Let me share a technique that is sure to give you some relief as we move through our 3 part series on healing our spine. 

Arrowhead Pose

While doing Arrowhead Pose there...