Realign the Spine

Realign the Spine

To improve our spines alignment it takes everyday practice.

If we have back pain, it means somethings not in proper alignment.

It could be the way we are sitting, standing, lifting, riding.

Overtime, our habits can take our spine out of alignment, and this is very painful.

We cannot fix what has been years in the making overnight, but,

There is still hope.

4 Ways to Bend the Spine

  1. Forward Fold
  2. Seated Side Bend
  3. Seated Twist
  4. Bridge Pose

Practice whichever one you need most or try all of them.

Sit on a blanket to have better posture and form

To get the vertebrae stacked on top of each other correctly, we need to decompress, or create space between them.

These poses will allow the spine to stretch in every possible direction

Forward Fold

Seated Forward Fold

  • Hinge forward from the hips, straight spine
  • When you reach your edge, see if you can repeat step one and go further. 
  • Then completely relate your body for 1-5 minutes, Breathe
  • Relax your hips, shoulders, neck, let the head be heavy. Breathe.
  • Each time you exhale, sink a little deeper. 

Straight SpineHinge from the HipsFold Forward

Seated Side Bend

Seated Side Bend

  • Start with the left leg out, right leg in
  • flex your feet, push the right foot to left thigh 
  • square your hips 
  • reach up with the right hand
  • reach up and over toward your left big toe
  • inhale to expand the rib cage
  • exhale to sink deeper
  • continue doing step to and breathing, open the heart

Inhale, Reach UpReach for Big Toe

Seated Twist

Seated Twist

  • Start with a straight spine, left leg straight, right leg over left.
  • reach up with the left hand, inhale.
  • plant the right hand behind your tailbone like a second spine
  • reach over the right leg and twist, exhale
  • inhale to grow an inch taller
  • exhale to twist a little deeper
  • see if you can work up to 2.5 minutes on each side

Inhale, Reach UpExhale, twist

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

  • plant the feet hip width apart
  • see if you can graze your heels with your finger tips
  • if not, walk in a step closer.
  • inhale, press the feet into the earth, left the hips up
  • tuck the chin, relax the shoulders down the back
  • push the hips up even more
  • keep the knees from splaying outward
  • lower down one vertebrae at a time, like a wave
  • articulate each vertebrae and press it into the earth
  • seal the tail bone and let the knees fall in.
  • Repeat 9 times
  • feel free to insert a prop under your hips to relax. 

Graze Heels with Finger TipsPush the Hips Up


All of these poses can be done from standing, but are harder to do for extended periods of time. It is best to grab some pillows and blankets and dedicate 20 minutes each evening to correcting your spinal alignment.

You will notice a huge difference if you can practice consistnatly 

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