What makes Thai Yoga Massage Different from other Massages I have had?
In Thai Yoga Massage, we use a mattress as support rather than a massage bed or chair. The masseuse uses their body weight to decompress, open, and stretch the body in two main ways. First the body’s physical tension is released through the techniques directed anatomically on the muscles, like in a sports massage. Meanwhile, the mind and spirit are rejuvenated by opening the energy lines of the body, like in shiatsu or reiki.

What are the “energy lines” and what do they do?
The Thai people refer to the energy lines as the Sen Sib (ten lines). They are related to the chakras and Nadis of Ayurveda and similar to the meridian system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Sen Sib are channels that direct the flow of Prana (life force energy) to the various organs, glands, muscles, and tissues. This allows each part of the body to function properly, with vitality, and in harmony with each other.

Why do the energy lines become blocked?
Due to pollution in our environment and unhealthy habits, the prana in our body can become blocked or stagnant (unmoving). Proper rest, breathing, diet, and exercise will improve the flow of prana over time. Thai yoga massage will improve the flow as well. In fact many people will notice an immediate change whether it be improved digestion, blood circulation, peace of mind or reduced stress/pain. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and receiving massages regularly will sustain these benefits.

What should I wear?
A great joy of Thai Massage is being able to wear your favorite sweat pants and sweater. Dressing in layers that have a loose fit will ensure that you never feel too hot or cold. Athletic wear for yoga class or the gym will work wonderfully too. Whatever allows to move freely and feel most comfortable.

Can I schedule an 60-minute massage?

You may be reluctant to commit to a 90-minute massage.The truth is, time literally flies in this unique atmosphere. When we give hour long massages, the meditative essence seems to dissipate. Traditionally, 120-150 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a full-body massage. For convenience we offer the 60-minute Thai-Express which addresses the areas you need most. The Thai-Full gives you the best of both worlds, a full body massage in 90 minutes

I would like to have a Thai Yoga Massage, what do I need to do before?
The only thing you will need to do is reserve 60 or 90 minutes of your time so that you can make an appointment. Please fill out our client intake form before you arrive; we will send it to you after we receive confirmation of your appointment. You could also make a note of how you are feeling and what might be bothering you in your personal journal.

Is there anything that I should do after?
Keeping in mind that it is better to eat after the massage rather than right before it. Having a healthy meal and planning a relaxing evening will help the massage settle in. Please write a review on our home page so we can continue creating the most excellent experience for you and others. You may also follow up on the notes you made from before the massage that night or the next morning.

How often should I get a Thai Yoga Massage?
How often will depend on your intentions for receiving the massage. In order to improve your overall health and experience the balance of effort and ease in life, a weekly massage will do wonders for the body/mind/spirit.